Want to know how to Improve your GCSE Maths result without hiring a tutor?


Learn on the move with our intuiative maths app.

Brainiac is a smart app that trains GCSE Maths students to achieve good grades in the exams.

Students get immediate feedback on their answers to Maths questions, including explanations of what they have done wrong in their answers.


We have limited spaces for Students to test our first release app.

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How does it work?

3 easy steps. 


1. You're in control.

You decide how much time you have to study. Brainiac will then adjust the number of maths questions it will ask you.

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2. Set your target grade.

By setting your target grade, Brainiac designs a maths program based on the difficulty level you have selected.


3. Choose your maths topic. 

Select what maths topic you want to practice and you're on your way to achieving a better grade.

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Hints & Tutorials.

Each maths problem is accompanied by video tutorials that will help you learn how to solve the question.



You're ready to go. Brainiac will test you on the subject you've chosen for the number of questions selected. 

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Write down your answers on paper, take a photo and send it. 

Brainiac will tell you if your answer is correct or not. 

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& Practice. 

Receive detailed feedback on your answer if incorrect. 

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Students testers wanted. Use the app for free.